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Holidays In A Small Town

Downtown McDonough Square 2016

It’s the holiday season again.  My daughter the “Busy Body” has a full pre-Christmas schedule at school.  I think she’s an active member of every school club imaginable. As a treat, I took her and one of her best friends to our town square to checkout the lights and enjoy the Christmas Parade.


Even though it’s a small town the holiday parades are never dull. You never know who’s going to show up!  Plus, it’s easy to find a parking space and the traffic isn’t that bad!

guy-in-skirt-at-parade christmas-parade

We sang, danced and enjoyed the holiday music that was blasting over the loud speakers. Her favorite part was the lighting of the Christmas tree!

childrens-day-tree-on-square blue-guy-in-parade

The parade had all the makings of a big city parade but with a small town feel.



The best part of all was that we had fun and I was at home in my pajamas in 30 min.

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