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Holidays In A Small Town

Downtown McDonough Square 2016

Christmas In A Small Town

It’s the holiday season again. My daughter the “Busy Body” has a full schedule at school. I think she’s an active member of every school club imaginable. As a treat, I took her and one of her best friends to our town square to check out the lights and enjoy the Christmas Parade.  I love the holidays in our small town!

Even though it’s a small town the holiday parades are never dull. You never know who’s going to show up or who you will see.  The people are never pushy.  It’s easy to find a parking space and the traffic isn’t terrible. More people are in the holiday spirit and all the children are happy to see each other.    

You will find people young and old humming, dancing and enjoying the holiday music blasting over the loud speakers. Majority of the floats are from the local business or schools that you may visit everyday. There's plenty of room to sit and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate while your children play with their classmates or you catch up with your friends.  My favorite part is the lighting of the Christmas tree it feels like the official count down to Christmas Day! 

The holidays in small towns are truly magical.  I'm not sure if it's the people or not feeling rushed. You can feel the energy as if it were in a big city but can enjoy the easy of the small-town feel.  

The best part of all was that we had fun and I was at home in my pajamas in 30 min!!

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