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Essential Oils and Laundry

Essential Oil Laundry

Growing up I fell in love with the smell of fresh laundry. Especially when I was washing one to two loads a week. If you’re anything like me those days are long gone and now I’m washing one to two loads a day. A few years ago, I learned that my sons skin irritation was partly caused by the type of laundry detergent I was using. The dermatologist suggest that I try using dye-free, fragrance-free detergents and fabric softeners.

However, it didn’t give me that same fresh scent that I fell in love with. After doing some research I found that essential oils were great alternatives to synthetic fragrances. Essential oils are oils that were extracted directly from plants. So, not only will it be safe for my son but it can deliver other therapeutic benefits as well. After experimenting with a few oils I was amazed at the results.

Some essential oils like lemon did well in cleaning my towels and others were great for colds and relaxation. Some helped with spicing things up in the bedroom by adding a few drops to a load of bedroom sheets. Not to mention I loved the smell and how soft it left my laundry.

How to scent your laundry with essential oils...

Simple add 3 to 5 drops of essential oil to 1 cup of white vinegar per load for fabric softener or 12-15 drops to the recommended amount of liquid detergent. A few other options where adding a few drops to a washcloth and throwing it in the dryer with your clothes on low heat or placing the washcloth inside of dresser drawers. My favorite was spraying down your clothes with an Essential Oil Linen Spray which I loved. Whichever way you choose it gives you the freedom and flexibility of having great smelling laundry.

Here are a few essential oils that I fell in love with along with their benefits. However, it’s always best to research any essential oil before using it.


                                       Essential  Oil Laundry List
Cedar Warm, Woodsy, Comforting, Uplifting
Chamomile Sedative and Soothing
Eucalyptus Colds and Respiratory Issues
Lavender Relaxation
Lemon Increases Mood, Concentration, Whitens Laundry
Peppermint Colds and Sinus Problems
Ylang Calming and Romance
Tee Tree Kills Molds, Mildew and Fungus
Lemon Helps remove stains, Whitens

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