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8 months ago

Welcome Fall In The Mountains


I picked an excellent time to start a blog. It’s the holidays typically I would be in a panic rushing to the stores, thinking about my menu, table settings, food allergies, who’s sitting where etc.…  But I’m not! This year my DH is doing most of the shopping and cooking. Sweet!  First, I would have to convince him to have turkey “Which We Never Do”.  A tradition he started when we first met due to his argument that turkey wasn’t served at the first Thanksgiving. This year I want to spend our holidays in the Smoky Mountains which is halfway between Atlanta and Virginia (my home state).


Don’t get me wrong I love Atlanta but it’s something about the mountains that reminds me of home and gets me in the mood for the holidays.

20141007_120648We frequently visit the mountains but for me it’s a great way to bring in the season. The color of the leaves the cool air puts me right into the holiday and seasonal spirit. (Not to mention I love rafting and zip lining).


Now that my children are getting older I want to cherish the time we have together especially the holidays.  With the tug of our everyday lives pushing us in different directions and having to compete with school, friends, projects, sports and now girlfriends it can be tough.  The holidays give us a nice break from everything so that we can regroup and reconnect. So, wish me luck in trying to convince this busy bunch that the mountains is for us!